We believe that each person has value and the right to be challenged in their faith.
We love coming alongside people and helping them discover what God has for them.
If you would like to be a part of this amazing team, first serve as Kokua Crew for at least 6 weeks and we will take it from there!

YWAM Value # 12 Do first, then teach
YWAM is committed to doing first, then teaching. We believe that firsthand experience gives authority to our words. Godly character and a call from God are more important than an individual’s gifts, abilities and expertise.

Our Current Staff Team


Nelson and Ann Sophie Nyman are from Chicago, USA and Karlsruhe, Germany! An international couple who met in YWAM… they lead the Kokua Crew program and have the best job in the world!

As a couple, they also pastor the Pu’uanahulu Baptist Church!

The Little Red Church

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Kate Darnold served as our Kokua Crew kitchen lead in the January 2019 quarter. She did such an amazing job, we invited her on staff where she does a lot more. Kate hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and spends her free time writing.

John Hartley

The most personable man we know! He’s got the energy of 10 Energizer Bunnies wrapped up together! We love John and he loves us.

An Oregonian and extremely proud of the Beavers!