We are excited to share with you what our Kokua Crew program is all about.
To keep it simple, we are a bunch of people, young and old, who love to serve in Hawai’i for a short period of time.
Hawaii is a beautiful place to get away from daily routine,
rediscover your life’s purpose and deepen your relationship with God, the creator.

A little Overview

Age • Our age group varies from 18  up to 75 years. Since we believe in the benefit of learning and growing together, young and old are more than welcome.

Nations • At times we host between 15 and 30 Nations in our program alone, not including the Nations which are represented on the campus of the  University of the Nations.

Housing • As you might have already discovered, one of our values is family. That’s why, once your feet step on the Island of Hawaii you will be joined with one or two roommates of the same gender. Through times of bonding, we promise, you will make friends which reach far beyond the pacific ocean.

Free Bed & Food • And since we value you and your service, serving with us for the University of Nations will be free for you for accommodation and food. All other expenses need to be covered by the individual.

Schedule • We love to work hard, but can’t forget the play hard as well. That’s why we work Monday to Friday from 7am to 3 pm with a ½  hour lunch break. Of course the weekends are off!

Mandatory meetings • During your time here with the Kokua Crew we require your presence at a couple of mandatory meetings. During the week are Monday morning worship from 8-9am, Tuesday night meeting from 6-8pm and devotion every Monday,
Wednesday and Thursday from 6- 6:30 am.

Optional Meetings • We offer a ton of other optional opportunities to hang with God and relax your soul. Here are some. Monday night ministry night, Wednesday night Small group and Thursday night Ohana court meeting.

Attitude of Servant • We love to discover with you your God given purpose in using work as a funnel. So be excited to pull some weeds, cook some good island food, or sort some important love letters. In all of that, attitude is the most valuable gift you can bring.

Our variety of Departments

Our University campus is gigantic and requires lots of maintenance and keeping things running. That’s why on average around 60 Kokua Crew / Mission Builder are serving the University each quarter. And you could be part of it. Here are some of the departments we are working in:

Grounds • Is making our wonderful campus look even more beautiful. By mowing the lawn, picking weeds and cutting down the ripe Coconuts before they fall on someone’s head.

Maintenance • Fixing and maintaining everything that is broken here on Campus

Kitchen • The most pleasant department where meals for about 800 people can be cooked.
Lots of different work duties are waiting for you to be explored. No experience is needed.

Housekeeping • Working at our very own Hotel where DTS speakers are getting a rest and seminars are being held. Cleaning the rooms and baking delicious cookies are just some of your tasks.

Learning center / Foundations school • Mini bible schools for our Family DTS kids- a great opportunity to discover more of God 

Preschool • you still have a little child in you and enjoy teaching little children-than this is the right place for you.

Mailroom • You like detailed work, sorting things and are a diligent worker than the Mailroom is your workplace.

When to serve?

You’re interested in serving ? As a Kokua Crew member you’ll have the option to serve for either a minimum amount of 6 weeks or for 3 months. Here are the options for the year 2017:


3 Month Option

Arrival- 12/29/2016

1st Work Day- 1/02/2017

Last Day- 3/17/2017

Departure- 3/20/2017


6 Week Option

Arrival- 02/23/2017

1st Work Day- 02/27/2017

Last Day-04/07/2017

Departure- 04/10/2017

3 Month Option                                           

Arrival- 03/23/2017

1st Work Day- 03/27/2017

Last Day-06/16/2017


6 Week Option


1st Work Day-05/29/2017

Last Day-07/07/2017

Departure- 07/10/2017

3 Month Option

Arrival- 06/22/2017

1st Work Day -06/26/2017

Last Day-09/15/2017


6 Week Option

Arrival- 08/24/2017

1st Work Day-08/28/2017

Last Day- 10/06/2017

Departure- 10/09/2017

3 Month Option

Arrival- 09/21/2017

1st Work Day -09/25/2017

Last Day-12/15/2017

Departure- 12/18/2017


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YWAM & the University of the Nations

If you would like to find out more in detail what YWAM is all about, or are interested in the University of the Nations, than here are some links that might help you discover more.