We are excited to share what our Kokua Crew program is all about.
To keep it simple, we’re a bunch of people, young and old, who love serving in Hawai’i on a short term basis.
It’s a beautiful place to get away from the daily routine,
rediscover your life’s purpose and deepen your relationship with God.

A little Overview

Age • Even though we are a multi-generational mission organization, participants must be at least 18 years of age to serve on the U of N campus. Other than that, there is no official “cut-off” for our volunteers. We evaluate based on ability, so we conduct personal interviews to determine if prospective volunteers are compatible with the hours, work load, and conditions here on the campus.

Nations • We host as many as 20 Nations at once, in addition to the nations represented on the campus of the  University of the Nations were we serve.

Housing • As you might have already discovered, we value living in community. That’s why, you’ll be joined by one or two roommates of the same gender. Through times of bonding, we promise, you will make friends which reach beyond the pacific ocean. Married couples obviously have private rooms, but we are unable to accommodate families unless children are older than 18 and capable of living with other singles.

Housing and Food • The fee for housing and food is $600 for a 7 week session and $900 for a 12 week session. This must be paid up front (after acceptance but before arrival).

Schedule • We love to work hard as we volunteer, but don’t forget to play hard! We volunteer 8 hours Monday through Friday from 7am-3pm with a 1 hour lunch break… and the weekends off!

Mandatory meetings • During your time here with Mission Builder/Kokua Crew, we require your attendance at our mandatory meetings. Besides our Monday & Friday Devotion at 6am for about 20 Minutes, there is also a Monday morning all-campus worship session from 8-9am (you are excused form work for this) and our Tuesday Night Meeting from 6-8pm.

Optional Meetings • We offer a ton of other optional opportunities to hang with God and relax your soul. Here are some. Monday night ministry night, Wednesday night Small group, Thursday night Ohana court meeting, and Friday night ministry night.

Attitude of Servant • We look forward to helping you discover your God given purpose using work as a funnel to do so. So, be excited to pull some weeds, cook some good island food, turn down some beds for our many guest speakers, or sort some love letters at the post office. But despite whatever skills you may bring to the table, your willingness and attitude is the most valuable. Being flexible, available, and teachable are essential qualities for success in the YWAM community.

A variety of Departments

Our University campus is gigantic and requires lots of maintenance to keep things running smoothly. That’s why we average around 60 Kokua Crew / Mission Builders each quarter. And you could be part of the excitement! Here are some of the departments we volunteer for:

Grounds • Help make our wonderful campus look even more beautiful. Duties include mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and cutting down the ripe Coconuts before they fall on someone’s head.

Maintenance • Fixing and maintaining anything that breaks here on Campus… It requires constant diligence.

Kitchen • Our commercial kitchen feeds more than 1000 people, 3 times daily! It’s a strong team environment and lots of fun! No experience is needed!

Housekeeping • You might find a place serving at our very own guest housing facility, the Go Center, where DTS speakers are housed and refreshed. Cleaning the rooms and baking delicious cookies are just some of your tasks.

The Café • On campus, there is a café that serves hot and cold drinks like Coffee, Smoothies and other treats. Volunteering with this portion of the ministry would include serving our other volunteers very directly.

Learning center / Foundation school • Mini Bible schools for our DTS students’ children are a great opportunity to discover more of God and gain valuable experience with children.

Preschool • If you still have a child in you and enjoy kids, this is the right place for you!

Mailroom • If you like detailed work, sorting things, and are a diligent worker than the Mailroom could be your workplace.

When to serve?

As a Kokua Crew Applicant, there are several session options.

Next arrival date:

January 2nd, 2023

Additional session dates :  March 25th, 2023; June 17th, 2023; August 5th, 2023; and September 23rd, 2023

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YWAM & the University of the Nations

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