The Kokua Crew

Serving God with a purpose is our motto.
Family is our value.
Adventure is our lifestyle.

We are accepting applications for future sessions making adjustments to accommodate Covid restrictions as permitted and allowed...

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Our next arrival date is tentatively set for

December 15, 2020

As Kokua Crew & Mission Builder Program love to be present in multiple areas. Work is equally important as spending time with God, as well as having fun and enjoying life and Nature in Hawai’i.


What better thing could I do in thanks for my God
then give Him myself to serve Him.

Hannah Durston

I never thought serving food to people could make me SO HAPPY. Everyday.

Amelia Langwagen Elfström

The Missionbuilder Program changed my life and for the first time I experienced the Love of God. Thank you.

Daniel Fuchs

Cleaning is much more fun
when you don’t do it for money and if you do it with love …


    Find out what we have been up to lately and stay updated what God is doing here in the hawaiian Islands and throughout the Nations.
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