Every reality show needs its drama starter, and The Real Housewives of New York reboot has found its own certified pot stirrer in Brynn Whitfield. Not only is Brynn a fabulous New York socialite who brings all the glamour one dreams of in a housewife, but she also truly knows how to get everyone riled up. Look no further than episode 1 of the reboot, which premiered on Sunday.

ICYMI: After a pretty bleak ending to RHONY's season 13, this franchise gem (or apple, if you will) is back with a brand new cast of six powerful ladies. Among the newbies is the beautiful Brynn, who starts two fights in one singular episode.

First, Brynn tells one of her fellow housewives, Erin Lichy, that she was "too tired" to come to dinner, then explaining that the real reason she skipped was because wouldn’t be caught dead at the restaurant Erin picked (...everyone thinks it was Catch NYC). And then, she insinuates that Erin was angry because another housewife said it was “weird” that she was eating cheese. It’s giving Real Housewives of Salt Lake City “hospital smell” level petty, which can only signal good things to come!

Before getting too into the weeds (or cheese) of season 14, you might have questions about this new Queen Bee. Ahead, Women's Health has the scoop on all things Brynn Whitfield.

Brynn is single.

Yup, this brunette bombshell is flying solo, per her Bravo bio. She's also a self-proclaimed “trophy wife in training,” so it sounds like she's on the hunt for a partner. In Episode 1, Brynn also talks about wanting (and then definitely *not* wanting) kids after interacting with her friends' babies, so everyone will just have to wait and see what's in the cards for her.

While several Housewives have partners and babies, fellow newcomers Ubah Hassan and Jenna Lyons are also single this season, which should make for some interesting nights out in the Big Apple.

She was raised by her grandmother in the midwest.

Brynn, who is biracial, was raised by her grandmother, Darlene, per Hollywood Life. Her Bravo bio notes that her grandmother taught her “invaluable lessons about navigating life, owning her narrative as a bi-racial woman, and the true meaning of hard work.”

Unfortunately, Darlene passed away in 2021, and Brynn shared a lovely tribute on IG.

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“Don’t call your mom today and only chat for a few obligatory minutes. Stay on the phone for as long as you possibly can, maybe even ask her if you can record the conversation. When you talk- Thank her over and over again for being your mom,” she wrote.

What is Brynn's job?

This housewife seems to do everything but stay at home. For starters, she is a certified yoga teacher, but she's also a communications professional. Brynn went to Purdue University in Indiana before starting a career in public relations, according to her LinkedIn.

She worked as a PR lead for Assembly before going freelance in 2022, per her profile.

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How old is Brynn?

Brynn is 36! Distractify says her birthday is on February 8, which makes her an Aquarius queen.

What is her total net worth?

Brynn's net worth isn't public knowledge... yet. However, some sites have made guesses, including one that put her net worth at $3 million, per Distractify. FWIW, this is among the highest of her cast mates.

Brynn lives in the West Village in Manhattan, which means she definitely has some cash to spare if she calls that trendy area home.

One of her inspirations is Lisa Vanderpump.

It seems another Bravo bigwig inspired Brynn’s candor on camera... And it's none other than Lisa Vanderpump! Brynn said when she was best friends with Lisa’s daughter Pandora in her twenties, she got to know LVP, of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules fame, quite well, per Page Six.

“You know, Lisa’s always making her innuendos and what not, so I was like you know what? F–k it I’m just gonna talk about d–k, [make] a couple of jokes!” Whitfield told Page Six.

A pot-stirring, LVP-loving, single Housewife? I thank the Bravo Gods and look forward to a juicy season!

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